Monday, February 6, 2012


Time really gets away from me as I try to run such a big and busy household. I really need to keep up on here better!!  Well, the big news in the house is that Brandy (wife 2) is PREGNANT!!!!!  Austin baby 6 is on the way. She's 10 weeks and healthy as can be. We're all so excited :D

Tori (11) is back in public school for now. I don't think that's a permanent thing for her, but for now it seems to be ok.  I'm going to be starting homeschool with Willow (4) this fall. We're enrolling her in a virtual school, so I can do her stuff from home, and not have to come up with the lessons on my own.

Cameron turns 4 in just a few days, and we're having a swimming party for him at a local hotel. So excited to celebrate another year.  William turns 2 in March. They are growing up so fast!!! Thomas just turned 2 in January. So, we're excited to add a new baby to the mix.

Is there jealousy over a wife being pregnant? No, not really. Hey, I don't have to deal with the constant exhaustion and morning sickness, but still get the joy of a new baby. I'm GOLDEN.

Learning a lot about holistic healings and herbal medicine.  I've met a dear friend that is helping me get my family healthier, and teaching me the skills needed to do some treatments on my own.  I'm really enjoying learning what medicines God gave us, and how to use them.

Not much exciting going on. Feel free to find me on Facebook at Misses Austin or Julie Molick Austin.