Thursday, March 31, 2011

archeological finds and my musings

It was in the news yesterday that metal or lead books containing images about Jesus and his crucifixion had been found in a cave in Jordan. Now, I know there have been hoaxes before, but the images seem pretty legit. Only time with tell, but they have me thinking... I had no idea that any culture had used metal to inscribe books on. Now, it makes sense, as paper and papyrus would eventually fall apart and the records would be lost. However, the first metal books I'd ever heard of were the ones the were supposedly found in New York state by Joseph Smith. In one of the articles I was reading about this newest discovery had a line that has me really thinking. "Other texts from the period tell of sealed books of wisdom and of a secret tradition passed on by Jesus to his closest disciples." (Dr Margaret Becker, former president of the Society for Old Testament Study) What was this tradition? Could it be communion? Well, sure, except that tradition was passed on from Passover and its clear that 1st century churches practiced it at every fellowship. What if this tradition of passing on information and history on these plates was the secret passed on? What if Jesus had asked his faithful to continue this history, knowing that proof would be needed later that this practice happened? One of the main, early arguments of the Book of Mormon was that no one had ever heard of books being written on metal plates, let alone gold plates. We now know that these books did exist. How could an uneducated farmer make that up, and it be true? Its a fanciful story, until there's evidence that the things written inside happened. We know that books were written on metal, human sacrifice happened on this soil (see Cahokia Mounds info from Illinois), a society just died out for no reason, their technology was far beyond what had ever been thought of by the people on this soil, trade routes came from India to California's coast before 1000 BC, etc etc. So many of these things are talked about in the Book of Mormon. Its starting to seem more and more plausible, huh? I'm not saying, nor will I ever say, that the LDS church is not a cult. Any group that raises a man to the same level as God or Christ is a cult. We are not, nor will we ever be, as High or Holy as they are. Joseph Smith was a fallen man, a sinner. He is not a God. He could have been a tool used by God, though. Well, just something to think about. I'm off to fix supper and pack Willow's clothes. She's off to Grandpa and Grandma's for the week! She's excited and just can't wait :-D

Monday, March 28, 2011

hi, its me again

2am...why in the world am I still up??? Oh well :-D

Not really much going on around here. The weather needs to change very soon, so I can spend some time outside. I'm ready to get the yard cleaned up and get my garden ready. There is something about planting such small seeds, watching them grow then harvesting them that is just so much fun. This year's task? Learning to can. I wanted my grandma to teach me, but time got away from us before she went Home to the Lord. So, I will take what I learned by watching her and try to figure it out with books and the internet.

I've been studying and discussing with DH about Passover. It looks like we may skip out of the egg hunt and go with the Biblical feast. It will be fun to teach my family about the Exodus, and all of the symbolism in the Seder showing the way to Jesus. Maybe we will do an egg hunt just for the fun of it later, though! Who says it has to be to celebrate anything? Kids love to treasure hunt :-D

I'm preparing to change my diet. I weigh as much now as I did 9 months pregnant. I have to get this weight off. I'm so tired of looking in the mirror and being disgusted, then turning around and eating junk! Such a terrible cycle. So, we're going to purge the house this week, get rid of all of the junk food, and get ready to fill the house with the foods we should all be eating. We are all over weight, and we need to be healthier people. Our kids look great, I look like bloated road kill (how's that for imagery).

If I'm going to be holy, I must be holy in and out. I must take care of my home and family, as well as this Temple that God has given me. I have a high calling to be a mighty woman of God, and that means all of me. I must lay everything down, die to myself, and be raised in a newness and fulness of Christ. I must decrease, so He may increase!

Friday, March 18, 2011

I lay on my bed as I type tonight. I'm listening to my very hyper daughters play on the Wii, Rich plays on his computer, and everyone else is in their room. Its been a long week around here. William is sick with an upper respiratory problem, Thomas is teething, Tori has had an up and down week, and the stay at home moms are worn out!!! Brandy has been working a ton of split shifts at work, which have been keeping her busy and out of the house. Rich has now worked 2 days in a row, and seems to be loving it! So, I guess life is returning to normal around here. Its kinda nice :-D

Homeschooling has presented a few more challenges than I was prepared for, but isn't that just motherhood? I am hoping to start incorporating activities for Willow and Cameron soon. At Willow's age, I already knew my ABC's. I'm embarrassed to admit that she doesn't know hers. I need to get her caught back up.

Not much more going on. Still waiting to hear from the production company when we are going to air. We should know something very soon. Keep checking back!