Friday, March 18, 2011

I lay on my bed as I type tonight. I'm listening to my very hyper daughters play on the Wii, Rich plays on his computer, and everyone else is in their room. Its been a long week around here. William is sick with an upper respiratory problem, Thomas is teething, Tori has had an up and down week, and the stay at home moms are worn out!!! Brandy has been working a ton of split shifts at work, which have been keeping her busy and out of the house. Rich has now worked 2 days in a row, and seems to be loving it! So, I guess life is returning to normal around here. Its kinda nice :-D

Homeschooling has presented a few more challenges than I was prepared for, but isn't that just motherhood? I am hoping to start incorporating activities for Willow and Cameron soon. At Willow's age, I already knew my ABC's. I'm embarrassed to admit that she doesn't know hers. I need to get her caught back up.

Not much more going on. Still waiting to hear from the production company when we are going to air. We should know something very soon. Keep checking back!

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  1. Hope the kiddos get well soon. It'll all work into a normal routine soon :)

    How old is Willow ?