Monday, February 28, 2011

So sorry I've gotten so far behind on keeping this blog up. Life in the Austin household is crazy sometimes. We filmed both weddings for TV, survived that nightmare almost unscathed. We are now waiting for the final cut to be approved for network to find out if it is even going to air. Just crazy stuff!!! During filming, we had 5 extra people staying in our home on top of the production crew in and out. Needless to say, I was sad when everyone had to go, but was ready for normalcy to return.

Tonight, I'm the last one up. Normally, I'm accompanied by Willow, who has decided that she wants to stay up until 2 AM. Yeah, I know, I should wake her up early and make her stay awake until bedtime and get her reset. Problem with that? Well, I'm homeschooling Tori all day, have 4 other kids here most of the day (Cameron is in school for 2 hours in the morning), a sister-wife that is depressed and a husband that desperately needs to get back to work before he looses all sanity. So, sorry, but I DON'T want to deal with a screaming and whiny child all day. I can deal with the lack of sleep. That is why God invented caffeine.

We pulled Tori out of public school in December. She was failing most of her classes due to lack of focus or drive. We have worked out a system with her, that seems to be doing her quite well. I plan enough work for her to do in 5 days. Each day, she is given a file folder with her daily assignments in them. These are accompanied by computer work and reading. She has the chance to get all of her work done by Thursday. I administer a weekly test on Friday morning, covering all that she has learned throughout the week, and the important information from the prior weeks. If she passes her test with a 60% or below, we have school all weekend. If she gets a 70-80%, she has school Friday and Saturday. 80-90%, we have a full day of classes on Friday. If Tori is able to pass her test with a 90% or above, she is free for the weekend. Guess what...I have yet to actually teach on a weekend. Now, mind you, we are still covering stuff she SHOULD have learned 1st semester, but at least she's learning it now. We are going to be having school all summer, but I'm hoping to have her at the same level as her classmates by September. In some classes, that's almost a 2 year jump! She is a smart little girl, we just had to find the best way to reach her.

I know I have a few poly wives out there that read my mindless ramblings. I have a question for you ladies. Do you ever feel like just giving up? I'm in a mood tonight, and I'm just tired of dealing with the drama that comes from living with all of these women! I know, the man should feel that way. The problem is, most of the time, I feel like the responsibilities of this house and everyone in it fall on my shoulders. I'm worn out! I need a "me" day.

I really need a Mommy and Willow day. We haven't had one of those in a long time. When I was working, I would make my payday "Mommy and Willow" time. I'd take her to McDonald's for supper and play with her, and maybe even go buy a new toy. I miss having that time and money to do special things with her. I can't just go take her to the park right now, as we have too much snow on the ground and its really cold still. But, laying in bed before she fell asleep, she grabbed me in a big hug and told me I'm the best mommy in the world. I cried. I felt so special at that moment. All the diapers, the pee-pee accidents, the sleepless nights, the ER runs, the colic, all just melted away in that moment. Now I remember why I wanted to become a mom. She's such a sweet little girl! I have truly been blessed.

Well, its midnight, and I have a full day of class tomorrow. Brandy is working a split shift, so she will be gone all day. I'm hoping that I can slip out early tomorrow and get away. Just don't want anyone upset with me if I do. But, I have to take care of me, too.

Until next time...blessings!


  1. It is natural to get overwhelmed and wanna run and hide. That is your brain saying "warning warning overload". We all need "ME" time - whether it be a few hours or a day. Otherwise resentment and stress build until it causes destruction to the family as a whole.
    HUGS !

  2. Please keep us posted when the show will air. I can't wait to see it. You deserve a "me" day. Those days make everything seem better.

  3. Me time is totally needed no matter how many are in your life. I think with your household it would be even more important. Can't wait to see your show when it airs. I hope, like Lutheran girl that you will be sure and let us know! :)

  4. I recently saw your show on T.V. I live in West Allis and was wondering how people are treating you and your family