Monday, November 8, 2010

frustrations abound...

As I sit down to write this, Brandy is at work, Rich is sleeping, Ange is in bed with Cameron and Will. Willow and Thomas are in the playroom and Victoria is at school. It has been a tough week in this house. It all started with a conversation about our family having a reality show. Its just in talking stages, so nothing is decided yet. BUT, Ange flipped out. She was crying and saying how she doesn't want her whole life being shown on TV for the world to see. Rich got on her because it would be a great way for the family to have an extra income, on top of showing the world what a normal Poly family looks like. The Brown Family on TLC's Sister Wives have been together a long time, and have seperate housing setups. We are 9 people living in a 4 bedroom home. We have a minivan and a 4 door car. We live on 36,000 a year. We are an average family, except for the polygamy part.
To add to the drama, it appears it was the week to air dirty laundry in the house. We've had a lot of fights this week, mainly over time and money. Rich sleeps in my room during the day, as its in the back corner of the upstairs. Its quiet and dark. If it were Ange's room or Brandy's room, he'd still sleep in it. Ange gets upset because he spends so much time "with Julie". No, he sleeps in my room. I don't spend any more time with him in my room than anyone else does in their rooms. Yes, I admit, he and I run to the store together more often than anyone else. Rich and I are a lot alike, and sometimes he just needs to talk to someone. I happen to be that person because I don't bitch about everything and everyone all of the time. (Minus on here, because this is how I vent...)
Now, it feels like Ange doesn't want me here. She's always comparing herself to me, and feels like she can't do anything right. That's not true! Now, this house is a mess right now. She's having a hard time keeping up with 5 kids, a husband and the housework. Who wouldn't???

That being said, I am embarrassed to even think about this house being on television! It is chaotic and can look disastrous! I don't know how in the world we can get this thing ready!!! UGH i'm so stressed...

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