Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas musings...

The cattle are lowing, the poor baby wakes, but Little Lord Jesus no crying he makes.

Silent night, holy night, all is calm all is bright 'round yon virgin mother and child. Holy infant so tender and mild. Sleep in heavenly peace. 

Traditional Christmas hymns we all love and sing annually. As a parent, have you ever struggled to grasp these songs? Really, a baby that doesn't wake up screaming?  A scene of tranquility just after giving birth?  I don't know about you, but these seem a little far fetched.  Maybe because I live in such a busy home with young children I have a hard time seeing the peaceful newborn awake but not screaming for his mother's milk, or his clothes needing changed because they are soiled.  

Now, I understand that people in today's world as busy and love the idea of just a moment of peace, and watching a sleeping baby does bring that sense that all is right in the world. Because, truly, I believe I see a glimpse of Heaven when I watch my children sleep. They are such little angels all curled up in their blankets!  I don't ever want to take the peace out of Christmas, even though it can be the most hectic, busy and chaotic time of the year!  It has become a time to reflect on the greatest gift ever given to man- the Love of God in Human form. God loved us so much that He gave us his ONLY in-flesh Son.  Not only all of mankind, but YOU. He gave YOU His Son.  God wanted you to be His child so much that He gave you the best gift to show you how much you were loved!  That is a message of the holiday season that gets lost in the traditions and business of Santa, reindeer, snowmen, presents and parties.

Back to my original point, why did this tradition of a silent, perfect child that never cries, makes a mess or anything else start??  This Roman Catholic idea is full of lies.  Labor hurts. There was screaming involved. Trust me.  Jesus cried. He probably cried a LOT. He peed and pooped. He burped and spit up all over his mother. How do I know this? He was a baby! I don't like the idea of a silent child that never did anything wrong.  Yes, Jesus was without sin, but it doesn't mean that he didn't have to learn right from wrong.  He still kept his parents up all night crying, or sick, or just wasn't sleepy.  This whole "silent night" thing is crazy. Now, I agree that the night of birth, babies do sleep a lot. They have done a lot of work during labor. But, I still think he cried a little- at least. He did get hungry.

I won't even get into Jesus as a teenager! Or as an adult! Men, I love you all, but you are not the more hygienic creatures on the planet ;)  What I'm getting to is this: why are we so afraid of seeing Jesus as human?  I think its a deep seeded issue.  

If Jesus were really fully human, and was able to be perfect, then I must have that same ability and God is going to require it of me. Its a scary thing to think that someone made it through this life without screwing up.  He must have been far stronger than me!  Well, that is part of it.  He was also fully God.  Of course, now that we have the Spirit of God dwelling in us, we have that same help.  That is when I become humbled and fearful.  I have the same power that Jesus had as He walked upon the face of His creation. So, in that I should be living perfect, or striving towards it every day. If I dwell on this, I will beat myself up, knowing that I fail by the minute some days.  Yet, I've forgotten one very important detail.  The greatest gift of all is Jesus. A baby was born in Bethlehem of Judea 2,015 years ago. He was killed 1,982 years ago. That murder gave me the fulfillment of the greatest gift- Grace! Charis means gift, the greek word for grace.  Its a gift. We don't  earn it, we can't do anything to receive more or have it taken away. Our Heavenly Father gave us a gift that He wants us to have- no matter what. It is by THAT grace that we are saved. Not only from the darkness of being separated from Him for all eternity. It is a gift that I can use daily.  It makes me more like Jesus every day as I walk upon this earth.  I'm not sinless, but I am perfect.  I am a creation of God!  I AM perfect.  I'm here to learn to be more like my Heavenly Father. 

So, this year, I'll enjoy the traditional songs, but laugh internally at them.  Why make up lies about Jesus?  Reality is so much stranger than fiction!  A man walked upon this earth, commanded angels, spoke to God on a personal level, turned water into wine, calmed storms, made food mutiply to abundance and gave life back to the dead. You can't write better stories!  If Jesus had that power, and gave it to me (Pentecost), I can do these things, too! I don't need to believe in lies made up by weak men because they are tradition. I need to believe in the Truths of God!

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  1. This is such an insightful look at the life of the Savior. Thank you for posting it. I truly enjoyed reading it. Beth Humberson