Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wow. I've been reading comments on this, and have had lots of people ask how to meet a sisterwife. WELL.... my first response is PRAY!! Heavenly Father knows who we are to be with in this life. He has a way of opening doors in the most unexpected places. There are sites out there where you can look, but the best way of doing it, really, is to just get involved in the online community. Facebook has served my family well in meeting other families like ours. You can find me on FB, and I can link you up to people just like us :D

LDS'ers...sealing are a whole different ballgame. Because this is not a lifestyle ordained by the church, this part is much more difficult. One option is to find a fundamentalist group that still practices it and join them. You can find this info at www.fundmentalistmormon.com (or something like that). If you don't choose to go that route, you must find someone that holds the keys that is willing to seal you. That isn't easy.

Now, as far as family updates. Rich, Ange and Brandy are all working now. Meaning, I'm home alone daily with 5 energetic children. Homeschooling is difficult enough when you have a child that can't sit still. I've added the joy of having 2 sets of twins that pretty much need my attention from the time they get up until bed time. So, yeah, that's about all I get done in a day. Woohoo!! Oh, also have to cook, clean, laundry, dishes..... I've learned a lot in the past few weeks!

That's about all that's going on for now. Hope all is well in cyber world.

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