Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Our History (brief version)

Hi again, everyone!! Well, just to prove that I do read my comment section, I received a note asking how we all ended up here as a family. So, sit back, and get ready to be completely confused!!

Rich met Angela on myspace about 4 years ago. They had an online friendship for a while, and it eventually turned into much more. While watching Big Love, Rich mentioned to her that he'd be interested in pursuing this. Angela agreed, since she had grown up as an only child and did not like being alone. The idea of sister wives appealed to her greatly. Through various circumstances, Rich was finally drawn to the Lord and spent time seeking out which church he wanted to get involved in. He researched many paths, and found that polygamy was a tenet of faith in the early Mormon church, or Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints. It always confused him as to why they had really given up the practice. Rich and Angela joined the church, and Victoria (our oldest daughter) was baptized in, also. The search continued for another wife. The two of them met a few people, but no one worked out. While using an internet program called IMVU, Rich met Brandy.

Brandy was living in Indiana when she met Rich and Ange. Just prior to meeting her for the first time, Angela had given birth to Rich's first son, Cameron. This made child number 6 for Rich, and 2 for Angela. In the home, however, this made 2. Through lots of trials, tribulations, heartache and back-and-forth breakups and get back togethers, Brandy became 2nd wife. About a year and a half after Cameron was born, Brandy discovered she was pregnant with Thomas. Just months later, Angela was pregnant with William. Both delivered healthy babies, William coming about 4 weeks early. Both women decided they were done looking for sisterwives, and were content to keep the family at the 3 of these adults. However, Rich was not done.

Using various internet groups, Rich met a few women that were not the right fit. For this, that or the other reason, Angela and Brandy rejected them. One that passed the test was Wendie. She would be here now, if it weren't for her tragic car accident in which God took her to the other side to wait for us.

In this same time period, I had gotten married (2006), had a baby (2007), been cheated on, and abandoned. I was ready to just be single and raise my daughter alone. I had my family, my church, and my friends. However, God still put the longing in my heart to marry again. I was heartbroken at the idea of my Willow growing up without brothers or sisters. What a lonely life for such a sweet, people oriented child! As I began praying about it, I kept being reminded of stories in the Old Testament of polygamy. My curiosity was sparked, and I set out to see if it really worked in modern America. I joined a few internet groups, and started meeting families out there that wanted to live this lifestyle, and many who already were. Rich stood out to me when he told me to ask his wives if I wanted to know more.

I started talking to them, and we hit it off. In under a month, we met and I joined my family. God's timing is never mine, but it has been a great first year. During this time, I've learned about Mormonism, both modern and historical. I've learned for myself that this is the path that I want to be on. I'm awaiting my baptism and our family sealing. Since this cannot be done in the LDS, we will have it done by an independent friend of ours. God leads us daily. It is not by our own strength that we make it through, but by depending on Him.

So, you may ask, are we planning on adding more wives. If the Lord sees fit, yes. We were courting someone, but it appears that circumstances beyond our control have interfered once again. I wish her all the joy and happiness that the Lord can give her as she finds her path. We all, definitely, want more children. We will add wisely, as to be able to support each of them and care for the ones we have. I read somewhere that people are concerned that this many kids means less time for them with their parents. I don't see that at all. I think I have more time with my daughter this way. I'm not having to do everything myself, so I can divide my time more efficiently. However, she usually blows me off to play with the kids!

I hope this fills in some gaps for you. Welcome to my new followers. If you've found my blog because of my NPR interview, thanks for stopping by and reading more. I'm always here to answer questions. Blessings be to you and yours!


  1. Hi I found you from the NPR interview and am a practicing LDS. My husband and I are wanting to add a sister wife to our marriage union as soon as we can. We are wondering if you will post the sites to meet woman and how you go about having her sealed to you? Thank You!

  2. Awesome blog!! please check out mine me and my fiance is waiting until we are married to find that special person