Saturday, February 23, 2013

a couple of baby pics

The picture on the top is Willow at 3 months. She is my birth daughter. Below is Rachel, 5 months, our newest addition (that's Brandy holding her). Didn't realize how much they looked alike- no blood relation though :)  I'll put up more pictures soon and introduce all of my kids. I love 'em all


  1. Your strength and experiences are valuable to anyone who is living this lifestyle in America and around the world. By making this normal, we are demanding humane treatment and compassion from the world. Thank you for your service to all Polygamous families, including mine. Here is a poem I wrote for my girls. I know you're a four, but take this anyway as a symbol of my appreciation for your candid courage.

    How our souls do shine,
    like lamps lit on the darkest night,
    beacons across the sea of dreams,
    where on those golden shores we meet.

    We crash, we three, in mighty waves,
    as round us lurks the light of day.
    Like Sirens in their bodies dwell,
    their songs of love on every swell.

    There is our heart, in that smoky deep,
    one love that rings and slowly beats,
    for as our lives do calm and squall,
    we all three heed that Triton's call.

    Moonlight united, by midnight blessed,
    three fates are one, a single crest,
    as we, an ocean, now complete,
    dream of the tide when next we meet.

  2. Hi are you guys located in TX we'd love to meet yall.