Sunday, July 25, 2010

I'm feeling really lost today. Its Sunday, and due to stress at home, I don't want to leave my room. Meaning, I didn't go to church today. I hate missing church. Its not like being in a building and listening to a preacher alone is uplifting. I can read the Scriptures myself, pray and worship here at home just as well. But, something about being with other people seeking God together...its just peaceful, and fulfilling! I'll get my recharge somehow.
The Bible warns against being unequally yoked. When you are in a marriage with anyone that is a different faith or belief, you are going to find out what strain is. When you are raised under different standards by parents, and thrown together in a home and forced to work together, you REALLY start to feel strain. Now, when you throw 3 women in a home together, all with different ideas on how to raise children, keep a house and how to eat, well, then you start to get a glimps at the stress I'm feeling right now.
Growing up, my Grandma and Mom taught me how to work hard and raise a family. Grandma was blessed to stay at home and raise her children, and even help with the grandchildren. She made sure I knew how to cook. She taught me the basics of sewing. Mom taught me how to balance a full-time job, active children, church activities and running a home. Both of these women have blessed me more than they will ever know. I try to bring those aspects into my home here. I believe that a child must be disciplined in love, fairly, and each to their own standard. They cannot be compaired to each other. Yes, I will spank a child if needed. A swat to a padded butt never killed anyone! I do not yell. My voice was given to me to praise and correct my children. It was not given to me to instill fear into them!
My family should eat well balanced meals daily. Fruits and vegetables should be abundant, and processed foods should be limited. We are slowly working into that mentality here. I may not have my garden yet, but we have an AWESOME farmer's market just around the corner. Anything we could possibly need for meals, we can get there. I LOVE IT!!!! We even purchased frest brats from a farmer this week. They were sooo yummy!
I've been doing some digging about frugal meals online. I'm planning on posting our favorites up here- mainly so I can find them again! I don't have my cookbooks or my recepie box with me yet, so I'm just keeping scraps of paper everywhere! If I post them on here, at least I can pull them up easier lol! I'm also looking for a sewing machine so I can fix some of my oldest daughter's clothes. She's in a growth spurt right now, and all of her jeans are too short. I'm planning on using the nicer ones and making them into skirts for church. Since we attend the LDS, I try to keep her in nice, conservative clothing. Plus, denim skirts are just sooo comfy!! I'll have that pattern on here also. Great links all over the net for them :-D
My birth daughter is here in my room now, watching Toy Story 2 with me. She's OBSESSED with this movie! Toy Story and Thomas the Tank Engine. Yes, I did say I have a little GIRL. She's such a tomboy, and I LOVE it.
I'm trying to convince myself to leave my room and join the land of the living. However, my jammies are just so comfy, and my bed is really inviting. Think I'll just stay right here and watch this movie again for the...100th time or so.

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