Thursday, July 29, 2010

Who knew just a simple change in environments would cause me so much pain? Sinus headaches are AWFUL!!! Add to that 5 kids screaming, and its been a FANTABULOUS day! At least the insomnia is over. I went to bed about 11 last night. YAY!!!
Tonight was a great example of differences in child rearing. Our oldest daughter has been confined to home for far too long. Lots of different reasons behind that, but now that we are in the new house, I try to get her to spend as much time outside as possible. I mean, it is summer vacation, and what kid at 9 years old doesn't want to be out with friends? The problem is one of my sister wives grew up very controlled and wasn't apparently allowed to be a kid. SOO, many times she forgets that our daughter is still a kid. I asked Victoria to go water the garden tonight, and she was told not to get wet. It was 430 in the afternoon, and almost 90 degrees. What's going to happen if she does get wet???!!! I just get so frustrated. She doesn't know she's doing it, until we call her out on it. I'm tired of saying the same things over and over again.
Victoria was also trying to blame her anger on her ADHD. Um, no. That's so not going to fly with me. I'm diagnosed with bipolar disorder. If I can handle my problems, I will teach her to handle hers. I have no patience for anyone using their "disability" as a crutch. I don't care how old they are!
We chose to leave the hall light on for Victoria, as she is scared of the dark. My sister doesn't understand HOW a child at almost 10 years old can still be afraid of the dark. When I told her I had a light on in my room until I was in college, she gave me the most "you have GOT to be kidding me" stare I've ever seen. Why is it is bad that people are scared of the dark. Yes, its irrational, as I knew there was nothing in there in the dark that wasn't there in the light, but I still needed that light to make sure. Oh, and don't get me started on storms! After living through 3 tornadoes in the past 5 years, I'm a little paranoid. But, apparently, its not ok for my daughter to be scared of the lightening and thunder like I am. My birth daughter (almost 3) thinks they are the coolest thing known to man. I'm good with that! I'm not, however, going to let Victoria sleep in my bed when a storm goes through. She must learn that she is safe inside the house, and we will get her if she is not. I'm very tired of hearing her get yelled at everytime she says she's scared. FIND OUT WHY SHE'S SCARED!!!!!! OMGosh COMMUNICATION PEOPLE!!!!!!!!
Anyway, i need to go get the kitchen cleaned up so I can get to bed before my dh gets home from work at 8 AM. Given, its only 11:15, but the way I've been going...hehe. Thanks for reading. Blessings!


  1. Is your child the only one that was not father by your DH?
    When will you be able to get on your meds? Have you found a doctor in your new town?
    Do you each get a week with you husband or do you rotate everday?
    Do you have your cold weather clothes?
    Are you morman or will you be convering soon? Do you attend church with your husband?
    Did you get to have a ceramony, or a wedding binding you to your family?
    What about your DH's x? Was he married to her alone? Was he Morman then?
    How did you meet your new family?
    How did they decide to add you to the family as a wife?
    Lots of questions! I have been enjoying your blog!

  2. Hi Clutterbug! Sorry for the delay. So much going on! Yes, my daughter is the only one in the house that is not by birth my husband's. You wouldn't know it to see them together though. I have found a new doctor, but now that I'm away from stressors, it seems like its ok that I'm not on the meds. We actually are on a rotation daily. Seems to work best for us. LOL yes I have my cold weather clothes, but Illinois isn't much different than Wisconsin. I'll be fine. I LOVE the snow!!! I am not Mormon, but I do attend with him. I have been speaking to the Elders about joining the church. We have not yet had our wedding, but we will be soon. I look forward to being able to finally have pictures to show off :D DH was married to her alone. He was not Mormon, but actually was drawn to the church after their divorce. Amazing how God works through difficult circumstances. I met my family through a site called Biblical Families. The internet is an amazing place. As far as joining my family, I spoke to Ann upon DH's request. We hit it off immediately, and she told him she wanted me to join the family. I met them all face-to-face a few weeks later, and moved in the next week to help with the big move to our new home. I do hope that answered everything! Keep em coming!