Friday, July 23, 2010

Just life as usual...

Many people have this image of me sitting at this computer in a long dress, covering me from neck to ankle, a long braid with hair never cut and 15 children running around me. Boy, are you wrong!!! That may be common on the news, as all they want is the "story" from the FDLS compound about abuse and fanatical religious people. Well, not everyone who is polygamist is that way. To see my family on the street, you wouldn't think much different of us. Three women shopping with 2 babies, 2 toddlers and a pre-teen. The only thing out of place is that there is one man.
We live in a 5 bedroom home in a quiet neighborhood. We know our neighbors, we don't cloister from the outside world. We have freedom to come and go as we wish. I work outside the home, if only part time right now. There is no strange or disgusting behavior happening in this home...well, just don't count what we find in the diapers (YUCK).
Ann is the only legal wife. She and our husband have been married for almost 3 years. She has been blessed to carry two sons. B joined the family a little over a year ago, and has one son. My daughter and I joined the family almost two months ago. I'm divorced and have an almost-three year old from that marriage. Our oldest daughter is our husbands from his previous marriage. She is almost 10. So, we have a 10 year old, 2 two-year-olds, a 6 month old and a 4 month old. Sound like fun? We love it!!!!
Trust me, life isn't much different in our home than in yours. No, I don't share my bed with my husband every night. What wife doesn't sometimes want the bed to herself anyway, right? haha! I have a "quiver-full" of children now, something I had given up on. I loved being pregnant, but I didn't get started until I was 27. The biological clock only runs so long!
I hope by talking about a taboo relationship will bring our lifestyle out of the shadows and show people that we aren't all crazy religious people who like young girls. Um..EWWWW! My husband and Ann are Mormon, so that's pretty stereotypical. B claims to be pagan. I call myself a Believer. I was raised in a normal home, and this is definitely NOT accepted by most of my family. Someday, we will see if their hearts change.
Yep, we fight. What home with 3 women from 3 different backgrounds and upbringings wouldn't have some disagreements? We have our own opinions on how to raise the children, how the house should be kept and how to deal with one another. In time, maybe we can all go back and read these blogs and see how we have grown up and grown together. One can hope, anyway!!!
I hope you enjoy my rantings and lessons on here. I'm going to have fun writing! Leave me comments with your questions and smart butt remarks. I'll do my best to address them. Until next time, good night!

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  1. What do the other family members think of your blogging? I'm also surprised that DH would marry a pagan and a believer. Not judging here, just surprised.

    Thanks for sharing.