Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Is it strange to be in mourning for someone you never met? My DH had been talking to a woman for a long time, and had lost contact with her all of a sudden. Her Myspace shut down, and all communication was lost. He just assumed that she just wanted nothing to do with him. Broke his heart, but he understood. However, we just found out that she had returned from military service and had turned down a promotion so that she could move closer. Sadly, we didn't find this out from her. The woman who was to become my new sister wife was tragically killed in a one car accident. She was laid to rest in family ground in the Holy Land of Israel. May her soul be at peace with her Creator. She is missed by her family, and by my husband. May we be together in Heaven someday!

As for the rest of my day...pretty boring. Tomorrow, however, I have a job interview at Quad Graphics. Praying for the best!

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