Friday, August 13, 2010

A man has an affair and walks out on his wife and 15 month old daughter. 6 months later, he returns for 2 weeks, saying he wants to reconcile. He then chooses to leave again, not to be seen or heard from in 9 months. No child support is paid. Few phone calls are exchanged. Out of the blue, he calls his wife up, and they agree to move back in together to get on their feet, then go their seperate ways. Soon after this agreement, the wife falls in love and moves out of state with the child, now near 3 years of age. Once the husband learns of the situation, he all of a sudden wants custody of the child if the wife does not return to the home state.

How does this man think, after a year and a half away from his child that he has any right to demand custody?

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  1. He has no Legal right to demand anything. i would be cautious as he is trying to ruin your happiness and bully his way into your life. He seems to only care whats good for him and not at all for his daughter.
    A real Father provides clothes, Food, and shelter for his family. That is the meaning of Child support so that the father if he is not in the home is still providing for his child.