Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More changes...

DH just got home from visiting our ward Bishop. Apparently, someone from our ward found someone's facebook page and a blog. Rich and Ann will be getting called before the disciplinary board, and will be excommunicated from the church; a blow we all knew was coming, but we were not ready for. My baptism was set to be on Saturday. I still plan on holding that schedule, but we will not be doing it at church. I will have Rich do it privately with just our family. I know we are not the first family to be kicked out of a church for polygamy, and we will not be the last. No longer do we have to hide. We can be open about our family, and be proud of our family. God has given us each to each other, and I will never turn my back on the blessings He has poured out on us.

On the other part of my life...my ex called and said that he had moved back to Tennessee. I was shocked, until I heard why. His cousin had a logging company, and wanted Ex to buy it out and take over the trucking side. He bought 8 trucks, and is going to be passing on a family business to my daughter when the time comes for him to give it up. What a blessing! This was his lifelong dream, and his hope to give his daughter something to inherit.

Crazy, mixed up day...

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