Monday, August 23, 2010

Just another manic monday...

Well, the weekend is over. My baby girl is home with me once again. She had a fantastic weekend with her daddy, but I'm happy to have her back with me. Slept so much better knowing she's home with me.
I'm waiting for the phone to ring with an interview at the Janesville School System. Found out about an interpreting job there. Things have gone great up to this point in the proceedings, and I can only assume that the phone interview will go just as well. Only time with tell!
Sitting here, I'm watching my dh on his computer. I'm really worried about him. He misses Wendy so much, and we can't really help him through this pain. We all want to, but his heart is shattered. How do you get someone you love through so much grief? I'm just praying for wisdom and grace. My heart aches for him.
We tried our new schedule this morning. So far, the kids are just tired and cranky. Ah, the joys of the new school year! Victoria goes back Sept 1. We are trying to homeschool the two year olds, and get them ready for pre-k. How in the world do kids grow up so fast???? In some ways, I miss having my little baby. However, what a joy it is to see my little girl grow up and become a young lady day by day.

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