Wednesday, August 11, 2010

made up a new recipe for dinner tonight. we will see how it goes over, but its inexpensive and filling. thats the important part!

2 boxes au gratin potatoes
1 lbs bacon, cut and cooked
1.5 lbs chicken breast, cubed and cooked
shredded chedder cheese

mix potatoes up to box directions, add bacon, chicken, cheese. back 35 min at 400 degrees.

Right now, its in the oven. Im bouncing TJ oin my leg because all he wants to do is be held 24/7! Ann and B went to pick up meds, and dh is in and out of the house working on the backyard. I havent had to balance all the kids (minus one) and cook dinner since i moved in. Wow, that makes me feel kinda SPOILED!

Group interview went very well today. I hasdnt been away from the buiding 90 min and they called me for my one-on-one interview! Tuesday at 1. Im excited, but nervous, too. 12 hour shifts seem a bit daunting after not working since March. God knows what I can handle!

Well, Ill update with the dinner results later. Off to find a veggie to serve...

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